EFT Tapping for Dyslexia: Part 1

Published: 01st November 2010
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Dyslexia is known as a developmental state that interferes with reading and writing. Dyslexics also show distinct brain differences to those who do not have word blindness. EFT is very useful in addressing and releasing the core issues creating the condition in the first place.

"Tricia" (not her real name), came to me with dyslexia, which had been interfering with her full enjoyment of life ever since she could remember - in class, at work and in the family. Every area of her life was affected and she was now "pretty much ready to try anything!".

Dyslexia is a difficulty with printed matter and interpretation of it. We decided to break it up into parts and deal with them separately.This post together with the one following are compressed versions of those sessions.

Tricia chose several situations she remembered from school, in Maths and English classes.

Remember maths class? Marks are gained from the working out, rather than ending up with the right answer.The sequencing of the working out is a real problem for dyslexics, who tend to know the answer instinctively and, because the "working out" is intuitive, they don’t really appreciate how they arrived at the answer. Although teachers understand about Dyslexia being about reading, they don't understand the intuitive leap portion of it. The anxiety of the whole situation builds cumulatively throughout school life.

We therefore began with tackling what the teacher said to her:

"Even though miss said Tricia, you’re making this too complicated … and I have to agree with her … because even one step is too complicated! … "

After the maths teacher, the English teacher was more of an emotional memory:

"Even though sir took my work, screwed it up into a ball and threw it across the room …. "

"Even though that English descriptive piece was not complicated enough for sir …"

The dyslexic subconscious leap can be really very useful in adult life - who would not want to calculate their cheque book so easily? Tricia had by now started to understand how much she appreciated and relied on her subliminal dyslexic gifts, so we did some thankfulness tapping:

"Even though my teachers didn’t understand my intuitive leaps - and neither did I … I do now … "

"I really appreciate my subconscious for doing all the work for me"

"I’m so grateful that my subconscious is so clever … "

By the last part of the session, Tricia’s facility with learning lists and being able to retain them in order had improved substantially. She shared with me soon after that, not merely was she able to work out the things involved in quite complex activities, but also as a side product, her bond with her brother had improved dramatically.

Fiona McCallion is a qualified EFT expert and the author of How to do EFT Tapping - check it out.

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